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  • anthoney

    show your feet more

  • Frankie Brown

    like to be in one of ur shoots

  • DB

    Hey I bought a subscription had to cancel the day of cause it wasn’t working

  • Kepaul Bruno

    D5k foreal, undisputed twerk queen online. My favorite site ran by my favorite twerk star, with a little extras, Lol, @desire5000 do ya thang.

  • I ❤ Your vids;

  • daniel edwards

    how to start a porn business?
    email me at

  • Bmore1100

    No music, more videos. You have a better free selection than membership selection smh

    • Frankie Brown

      hey, like

  • Dante Jackson

    How can I get a chance to be in a video with you? What do I have to do?

  • Benjamin Stocks

    I was interested in doing a shoot with you if thats at all a possibility please email me at

  • Brandon

    How could I get a vid with you?

  • flipside

    some girl/girl, some videos with you getting your pussy ate, and some more cumshots on that body

  • Bmore1100

    no music

  • Bmore1100

    No Music!!!

  • anthony

    the guy that you do it with very boring the talent isn’t there but you yeah your amazing these clips are just surveying because of you it would be better if there was a dildo because from what i see the back shot aren’t hard he don’t change pace no camera angles he shits there and he seems to be the only guy you do it with which is cool but… he gotta be more involved not talking anything away from you but theres a line between good great and always on this page lol some consistency

  • Gemsta Bone

    Love the tripod setup cause a camera man never shows a single angle long enough.
    Just always keep full body in the shot (Head to Toe)
    No zooming in
    Especially on your booty shaking videos

  • jay

    we don’t want to hear music, we want to hear sex, and full sex videos would be amazing. these teases are just aggravating as hell.

    • Jc

      What about the videos in the paid membership area, do they have music as well?

  • Jeffrey Kinds II

    I wouldn’t mind shooting some scenes with you

  • flipside

    hey gorgeous, love the new videos and new angles you going with, keep up the great work!

  • Dino Thomas

    These girls are some of the best I’ve ever seen but The music always ruin these videos.

  • Kenny Gordon

    Wondering how can I book you..Please send email to

  • flipside

    this is definitely my favorite porn site, all amateur all RAW!!! I just wish she would have more updates